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  1. Fossils

    There really was a Brontosaurus, study claims

    A new analysis finds evidence that the Apatosaurus and Brontosaurus were separate groups of animals, which deserve their own names and places on the dino family tree.

  2. Animals

    Ocean animals have mushroomed in size

    Compared to a half-billion year ago, sea creatures are, on average, roughly 150 times bigger, a new study finds.

  3. Animals

    A whale of a lifespan

    Bowhead whales can live more than 200 years. The secret to such longevity may lie in the Arctic species’ genes. Scientists recently mapped the whale’s genetic code. They found features that protect the marine mammal against cancer and other problems related to old age.

  4. Brain

    Banned drug reduces brain communication

    Illegal drugs called “bath salts” can reduce communications among different brain regions. New research, done in rats, may explain the violent and unpredictable behavior seen in some people using these drugs.

  5. Brain

    Magnets may make helmets safer

    Magnets in sports helmets could repel players’ heads as they move toward a collision. This should reduce the risk of the hard hits that lead to concussions.