Questions for ‘AI can learn real-world skills by playing video games’


Artificial intelligence systems that play video games can pick up all kinds of real-world skills.

ryccio/Getty Images Plus; adapted by L. Steenblik Hwang

To accompany feature “AI can learn real-world skills by playing video games


Before Reading:

1.   What comes to mind when someone mentions “artificial intelligence?”

2.   Name at least two examples where you might find AI in your everyday life.

During Reading: 

1.   Why are scientists interested in teaching AI programs how to play video games?

2.   Describe three examples of how game-playing AIs might be used in the real world.

3.   Based on the article, what are two things that AIs struggle with?

4.   What video game are researchers using to help AIs work together?

5.   What video games are researchers using to help AIs apply their knowledge to learn new skills?

6.   What is machine learning? 

7.   What are some technologies that are directed by a single AI?

8.   What are some technologies that rely on multiple AIs working together?

9.   What does Priyam Parashar say is one drawback to testing AI’s skills with video games?

10.   Describe two ways that researchers can bridge the gap between the virtual and real worlds to keep AIs from doing potentially harmful things. 

After Reading: 

1.   How accurate is it to call the machine learning and decision-making typical of AI as “intelligence?” How does it differ from human intelligence? Explain your reasoning.

2.   If you could train an AI, what would you use it for? Explain why you’d go to the trouble of doing this. What type of skills would this AI need?