Questions for Arctic sends weird weather south


Before reading:

1.    Why are accurate weather predictions so important for farmers?

2.    Imagine the area where you live started receiving just half as much precipitation each year as it does now. What sorts of changes would that bring?

During reading:

1.    What has happened to global temperatures since 1880?

2.    How have Arctic temperatures changed since then?

3.    What are the mid-latitude regions of Earth?

4.    Explain what satellite measurements of Arctic sea ice have revealed since 1979.

5.    How is sea ice like a lid? What happens when it is removed?

6.    What causes the jet stream to sometimes meander like a lazy river?

7.    How does Jerry Hatfield characterize the weather in the Northern Hemisphere?

8.    What are some of the long-term effects of climate change on some important crops grown in the United States?

After reading:

1.    Explain in detail the chain of events kicked off by the loss of Arctic sea ice.

2.    Why are the effects of the changes going on in the Arctic so important for so many people?


1.    Locate the Arctic Circle on a map or globe. List every country that lies at least partially within the Arctic Circle.

2.    Rank India among the world’s five largest countries by population.