Questions for ‘Cool Jobs: Getting to know volcanoes’

volcano scientist

A Hawaiian Volcano Observatory geologist at Kilauea walks along the edge of an inner crater. He will periodically use a laser to make measurements of the crater’s dimensions.


To accompany feature: ‘Cool Jobs: Getting to know volanoes’


Before reading:

1.    What is a volcano?

2.    Describe what you imagine a volcanic eruption sounds like.

During reading:

1.    What is pumice?

2.    What happened to a piece of pumice when Ben Kennedy put it inside a device that simulated the inside of a volcano?

3.    What force did he discover was causing this effect?

4.    What is infrasound?

5.    Name three things scientists can find out about a volcanic eruption using infrasound.

6.    What are some of the dangers to scientists visiting volcanoes?

7.    What is vog?

8.    How can vog harm people?

9.    Why can vog be a problem for businesses in Hawaii?

10. What tool did Steven Businger and other scientists use to predict vog movements?

After reading:

1.    Would you want to study a volcano up-close? Explain why.

2.    How is the research described in this article helping to protect people from volcanoes?