Questions for Cyber warriors


Before reading:

1.         Hacking involves using a computer to gain unauthorized access to the information in a computer system or network. Is hacking less of a crime than stealing a physical notebook, folder or file that contained the same information? Explain why you think so.

During reading:

1.         In hacking, what are white hats and black hats?

2.         What is the purpose of the CyberPatriot contest?

3.         What is Kevin Houk’s career goal?

4.         Why would the military be interested in ensuring high school students develop   cyber skills?

5.         Explain the meaning of the expression, “It takes one to know one.”

6.         What is a computer virus?

7.         Define “ethics.”

8.         Provide an example of something a hacker might attempt to do.

9.         What does “encrypted” mean?

After reading:

1.         Why is it so easy to cross the line between wearing a white hat and a black hat?

2.         What are some of the easy ways computer users can protect themselves from hackers. Do you take any of these measures?


1.         Throughout history, people have gone to war. They have fought on land and the sea, and in the sky and space. In the future, do you think wars will be fought in cyberspace too? Provide evidence to support your argument.