Questions for “A new chameleon species may be the world’s tiniest reptile”

Brookesia nana chameleon on a person's thumb

Meet Brookesia nana, potentially the world’s smallest reptile. This chameleon, found in northern Madagascar, is tiny enough to comfortably rest on the tip of a finger.


To accompany “A new chameleon species may be the world’s tiniest reptile


Before Reading:

1.  Name three reptiles.

2.  Where do they live and what do they eat?

During Reading:

1.  Where does the newfound reptile live and how big is it?

2.  How many specimens of the new species have been spotted?

3.  What’s the new species’ name and why did scientists call it that?

4.  How unusual is such a small chameleon?

5.  What do scientists say might be one advantage of being such a small chameleon?

6.  Why are they worried this new species might also be endangered? And what does endangered mean?

After Reading:

1.  Madagascar is a relatively isolated island. Why might that have allowed unusual animals and plants to have evolved there? How might that put these species at unusual risk for becoming endangered?