Questions for “Batteries not included: This Game Boy look-alike doesn’t need them”

solar Game Boy

Researchers have created a Game Boy look-alike that runs on solar energy and button presses. Such devices could pave the way for more sustainable gaming.

Northwestern University

To accompany “Batteries not included: This Game Boy look-alike doesn’t need them


Before Reading:

1. Lots of people enjoy video games and computer games. How are they powered? As electronic devices go, do you think they’re energy hogs or light users? How can you tell?

During Reading:

1.  What are Game Boys and when did they first go on sale?

2.  What made them novel for their time?

3.  What is a microcontroller?

4.  Name two features that make the new Game Boy look-alike different from the original?

5.  What is the role of magnets in the new device?

6.  What are several additional ideas that Josiah Hester and his colleagues have for making their new device even better?

After Reading:

1.  What toys, games or other electronics in your household could use a similar energy makeover? Would you be willing to pay more for them if they didn’t rely on batteries or have to be plugged into a power outlet? Why or why not?

2.  People often object to battery-powered devices because of the cost of replacing used batteries. What other objections might people have to batteries? If nothing comes to mind, read more about batteries.