Questions for ‘Changing climates can take cooling tips from warm regions’

a European courtyard with building covered in greenery

During the heat of the day, green plants transpire water. It’s sort of like sweating. This “plant sweat” helps to cool temperatures and is one reason plants can be popular on buildings in warm regions.

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To accompany feature “Changing climates can take cooling tips from warm regions


Before Reading:

1.  When it gets hot in the summer, how do you keep cool? What methods are used to cool down your house or school?

2.  What is global warming? How will that affect summer heat waves?

During Reading:

1.  How does air conditioning work?

2.  Why do people in India paint their roofs white?

3.  What happens when you put pieces of white and black paper in the sun?

4.  What is a wall garden?

5.  How does a rise in greenhouse gases lead to a rise in average temperatures across Earth?

6.  What are stomata?

7.  What is sedum, and why is it good for a roof garden?

8.  What is fluid dyamics?

9.  What are two ways to ventilate a building and cool it without air conditioning?

10.  What are two ways to cool a building that lacks good ventilation and has no vegetation?

After Reading:

1.  This story mentions several methods for cooling buildings. Which of these options would work best for your home? Which would work best for your school? Use evidence from the story to support your answer.

2.  What is the role of air conditioning in cooling buildings? Is it necessary?