Questions for “Flexible devices may help clothes solar power your screens”

a photo of a luminescent solar cell being bent by tweezers

Bent by tweezers, a flexible solar concentrator emits red light when blue light is beamed onto it. The sun emits such wavelengths of light. If used to coat fabrics, such concentrators could harvest sunlight to power someone’s phone or other electronics.


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Flexible devices may help clothes solar power your screens


Before Reading:

1.  Where does solar power come from? How does a solar cell work?

2.  In what ways does solar power impact your life? Give some examples.

3.  What is a polymer? 

During Reading

1. What are the benefits of using a solar concentrator with solar cells?

2. Are wearable solar cells more or less efficient than standard solar cells in producing electricity?

3. What makes the material APCN (short for amphiphilic polymers co-network) comfortable to wear?

4. Yes or no: APCNs are used to make some contact lenses.  

5. APCNs are made of how many polymers? How does each behave?

6.  What do scientists mean when they use the term “nanoscale?” 

7.  By what percentage can an APCN material boost the efficiency of a silicon solar cell? 

After Reading:

1.  Think about this: In what ways might engineers use solar concentrators in construction projects? How might solar concentrators impact the future of space travel? Explain you answers.

2.  Use your imagination: What might be some other benefits of wearing solar-powered clothes? Explain.