Questions for “Lots of makeup may contain potentially harmful ‘forever chemicals’”

Teen girl applies makeup

A new investigation suggests that potentially harmful PFAS chemicals are widespread in U.S. and Canadian makeup products.

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To accompany “Lots of makeup may contain potentially harmful ‘forever chemicals’


Before Reading:

1.  What types of makeup do you and/or members of your family use? How is it applied and to what parts of the body?

During Reading:

1.  PFAS is an acronym for what type of chemicals?

2.  Why do scientists sometimes refer to PFAS as forever chemicals?

3.  Why did Graham Peaslee and his colleagues screen cosmetics for fluorine? What is the importance of finding that element?

4.  What did these scientists learn from their screening?

5.  Which types of makeup were most likely to contain fluorine?

6.  When the researchers looked for PFAS in makeup, what did they find?

7.  What is PFOA and why might it be worrisome?

After Reading:

1.  If you were an environmental scientist and learned of these findings, what would be the next step to identify whether these might pose risks to people?

2.  Many chemicals can pass through the surface of your skin and into your body. Knowing that, how do you think governments should assess what ingredients should be allowed in makeup?