Questions for “Strongest bones come from Goldilocks recipe of exercise and rest”

a girl with braids running on a soccer field

Physical activities that include running and jumping are important for building strong bones.

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To accompany Strongest bones come from Goldilocks recipe of exercise and rest”


Before Reading:

1. How much sleep do you get each night? How much exercise do you get during the day? 

2. Why is getting enough exercise and sleep important to your health?

3. What are the two components of the skeleton system?   

During Reading:

1.  By what age do adults develop most of their bone strength?

2.  Explain what Dot Dumuid, a researcher at the University of South Australia, means when she uses the term “Goldilocks day.”

3,  What is one example of “light” exercise?

4.  What is an accelerometer?  

5.  How much sleep do researchers say kids between 11 and 13 need each day for healthy bone strength?    

6.  How do the body’s hormones react during sleep and how does this impact bone development? 

7.  Which group goes through puberty first, boys or girls?

After Reading:

1.  After reading this article, will you change your sleep and exercise habits? Why or why not?

2.  Bike riding, swimming, walking and playing basketball are types of aerobic exercise. Explain how they, and other aerobic activities, impact someone’s general health.