Questions for “Surfing the winds would make future jet travel greener”

an illustration of a jet flying above the clouds

High-flying jets are using more fuel than they used to — and polluting more, too. But simple route changes to make better use of winds could translate into big improvements in both, a new study finds.

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To accompany “Surfing the winds would make future jet travel greener


Before Reading:

1.  What are several ways to make travel “greener” — as in more energy efficient and less polluting?

2.  If you were to travel by plane, what are the main issues you and your family would consider before booking your flight?

During Reading:

1.  How much carbon dioxide can a single one-way trip between London and New York City emit?

2.  Why have most flights across the Atlantic Ocean followed fixed paths?

3.  What is the jet stream? Why can it affect airplane efficiencies? When is it more helpful?

4.  How fast can the jet stream flow?

5.  What did a new study by Cathie Wells’ team look at, and why did her team consider flights only in the winter? What did this team conclude?

6.  What are some issues that may make it hard to make flights maximally flexible in when they surf the winds?

After Reading:

1.  Based on what you read in the story, what would be ways to improve the “carbon footprint” of when you travel? What are issues that might make it hard for you to take advantage of some of those tactics?