Questions for “Tackling the novel coronavirus calls for novel ideas”

A patch with tiny needles could deliver a future COVID-19 vaccine. The patch would go on like a Band-Aid and release the vaccine into the skin to trigger an immune response.

University of Pittsburgh

To accompany feature “Tackling the novel coronavirus calls for novel ideas” 


Before Reading:

1. List at least three challenges facing cities and hospitals as they deal with the novel coronavirus.

2. Why is fighting COVID-19 different than fighting regular seasonal outbreaks of the flu?

During Reading:

1.  How might Amy, Daniel and Andrew Barnard’s idea help healthcare workers?

2.  What is PPE and why is it important in hospitals? Why has it become a challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic?

3.  What are two approaches common in inventing that researchers are applying to COVID-19-related problems?

4.  How does Battelle’s mask sterilizer help fight the novel coronavirus?

5.  Why was Tom Lix’s company in a good position to help address the Cleveland Clinic’s needs? What major change did it have to make to its primary product to meet the clinic’s needs?

6.  What is contact tracing? Why can it be hard?

7.  Describe the system Ron Rivest’s team designed to help contact tracing. Why should it protect the privacy of all who use it?

8.  How would Derek Angus’ tool help doctors choose a treatment for their COVID-19 patients?

9.  Think about Louis Falo’s vaccine-delivery system. What is an advantage of this patch for the people receiving a vaccine? What is an advantage for people trying to deliver a vaccine to others?

10. How does Kiyokazu Nakajima’s idea address a common problem during the pandemic?

After Reading:

1.  Why is developing a way to deliver a vaccine against the novel coronavirus an important part of fighting the pandemic?

2.  As some cities, states and countries begin to reopen businesses and offices, which of the technologies described in this story do you think would be most important to help reopen society safely? Use evidence from the story to support your answer.