Questions for “This snake rips open a living toad to feast on its organs”

small-banded kukri snake tearing open toad stomach

In this image, a small-banded kukri snake has used its needlelike teeth to tear open the abdomen of a toxic Asian black-spotted toad so it can feast on the toad’s insides.

W. Suthanthangjai, H. Bringsøe et al/Herpetozoa 2020

To accompany “This snake rips open a living toad to feast on its organs


Before Reading:

1.  What are some ways animals defend themselves against predators?

2.  Describe the role of prey and predators in an ecosystem.

During Reading:

1.  What is a herpetologist?

2.  What are the different ways that some snakes eat toads?

3.  How did kukri snakes get their name?

4.  In what way does the Asian black-spotted toad defend itself against a predator like the kukri snake?

5.  Describe how the kukri snake gets to the internal organs of its prey.

6.  What are two possible advantages to this tactic, at least when it comes to attacking Asian black-spotted toad?

After Reading:

1.  Why is the feeding behavior of the kukri snake so shocking compared to the feeding habits of other snakes?