Questions for “A wasp nibbled a baby bird for breakfast”

Agelaia pallipes wasp

This wasp is member of the species Agelaia pallipes. Another of these wasps was caught on camera biting a baby bird.

Gionorossi/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

To accompany “A wasp nibbled a baby bird for breakfast


Before Reading:

1. Describe three things you know about wasps. What role do you think they play in the nature?

2. What is a predator animal? What is a prey animal? Can the same animal be both? Explain why or why not.

During Reading:

1.  What are lined seedeaters and where are they found?

2.  What type of wasp harassed the baby bird? How many times did it attack the nestling?

3.  What is a forensic entomologist?

4.  Wasps are frequently found visiting birds’ nests? What usually draws them?

5.  What argument did Thiago Moretti make that explains why biologists were so surprised to see wasps attacking a bird?

6.  Many birds choose to build their nests near where wasps live. Why advantage might this give the birds, according to Bruno Barbosa?

After Reading:

1.  In the cycle of life, every creature eats something. Why do you suppose some people might this story particularly disturbing?

2.  Now that you know more about wasps, what benefits do they appear to provide in nature?