Questions for ‘Why sports are becoming all about numbers — lots and lots of numbers’

a photo of a kid running with a soccer ball on a field

People all over the world love soccer. Today, technology and data analysts help coaches evaluate players in this and other sports. That improves training sessions and helps teams perform their best at games.

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To accompany feature “Why sports are becoming all about numbers — lots and lots of numbers”


Before Reading:

1.  In what ways do sports rely on math?

2.  What kinds of devices are used to collect data related to sports and fitness?

During Reading:

1.  How do sports-team statistics help coaches?

2.  Explain the difference between data and information.

3.  The field of sports analytics got its start around 2000 with what sport? How was this a game changer, then and now?

4.  How are game videos being used to improve team performance? Give three examples.

5.  How can data help improve sports equipment? Give examples from three different sports.

6.  What did mechanical engineer Sadegh Mazloomi do to create a better cricket bat?

7.  How can analytics help an individual athlete’s performance?

8.  What types of devices can be used to collect performance and health data from an individual?

9.  What is “sweat tech”? What kinds of things can a wearable sensor detect?

10. How is the gut microbiome important to sports performance?

After Reading:

1.  What did you learn from this story that relates to you and your body?

2.  Name three different types of scientists mentioned in this story whose work relies on data.