Questions for ‘Robots will control everything you eat’


This robot holds an apple. Already, robotic machinery is being introduced into every part of the way food is grown and prepared.


To accompany feature “Robots will control everything you eat” 


Before Reading

1.  Consider an apple. Where was it grown? How did it get from the orchard into your hands? What steps might be involved? Where are people involved in those steps?

2.  Brainstorm a list of five things that robots do well and five things that people do better than robots.

During Reading

1.  List three ways in which robots are becoming involved in food production.

2.  What are three factors that might influence how productive an agricultural field is?

3.  What are two ways that DroneClouds can help farmers?

4.  When it comes to identifying an apple, why is it easier for a human than a robot?

5.  What does the term “animation” mean in the field of robotics?

6.  What does the bext360 robot do?

7.  What is another name for “computer vision”?

8.  How does Sally the robot work? What does it do?

9.  What is one possible benefit of Sally?

After Reading

1.  Brainstorm the pros and cons of using robots in food production. Come up with three items for each list, using evidence from the story.

2.  At the end of the article, Dan Steere says, “If there ever was a time [for] a young person going into farming — this has gotta be one of the most amazing times in history.” Why do you think he said that? Do you agree or disagree with his statement? Use evidence from the story to support your answer.


1.  You are creating a robot that makes macaroni and cheese. What tasks will that robot have to do? Where, if at all, would a human need to be involved in the process?