Questions for When Cupid’s arrow strikes


Before reading:

1.      Describe how you feel when seeing someone (or something) you really enjoy.

2.      When greeting family or friends, do you ever exchange hugs, kisses, handshakes or other gestures? Why or why not?

During reading:

1.      List some of the physical sensations that accompany falling in love.

2.      How do our brains respond when we view photographs of our loved ones?

3.      To what does Arthur Aron liken love?

4.      What is an fMRI?

5.      Do our brains respond in the same way when viewing photographs of buddies and beaus?

6.      What is the ventral tegmental area and what role does it play?

7.      What is dopamine?

8.      In what physical ways does adrenaline affect the body?

9.      Explain some of the ways oxytocin is important in bonding.

After reading:

1.      Would you be more or less likely to trust someone whom you have just hugged? Explain your answer.

2.      Some experts believe heavy use of the Internet promotes social isolation. How does some of the research presented in this article suggest the opposite may be true, at least among users of Twitter, Facebook or other social media?




1.      Some hospitals allow patients to be visited by specially trained or certified dogs. Based on your reading of this article, how might these visits help patients? Can you think of other settings or environments where such visits could be welcome or beneficial?