Questions for ‘When your stuff spies on you’


Passcodes can give us keyless access to all aspects of our “smart” lives. But sometimes that easy access can backfire, giving hackers fairly easy access too.

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To accompany feature “When your stuff spies on you


Before Reading

1.    When using a new device or app for the first time, have you ever clicked “I agree” without reading the long text explaining what you’re agreeing to?

2.    What do you think a hacker is?

During Reading

1.    What were the consequences of the October 2016 hack described in the story?

2.    Name some types of information that “smart” objects might collect about their owners.

3.    What is the Internet of Things?

4.    List some dangers posed by someone hacking a smart house.

5.    What is a malicious app?

6.    Why did the Hello Barbie doll worry security experts?

7.    What popular game did government agencies use to spy on people in the United States and Great Britain?

8.    Why aren’t most companies being more careful about the security of their devices, according to Sye Loong Keoh and Jonathan Margulies?

9.    How can you make your passwords more secure against hacking?

10.  What other steps can you take to protect your personal information?

After Reading

1.     Can you think of any devices you use that are part of the Internet of Things? What data are these gadgets collecting about you?

2.     When you use smart devices, you might give up some of your personal information in exchange for fun or convenience. Are you comfortable with this tradeoff? Explain why or why not.