Questions for ‘Why can’t bugs be grub?’


Billions of people around the world regularly eat bugs. Why do so many Westerners find the idea disgusting?


To accompany feature ‘Why can’t bugs be grub?’


Before Reading:

1. Have you ever eaten a bug? If not, would you consider eating one?

2. Why do you think people are grossed out by the idea of eating insects?


During Reading:

1. What are two reasons that eating insects is a good idea?

2. What is the scientific term for eating bugs?

3. Worldwide, how common is it to eat bugs?

4. Based on the article, which groups of people tend not to eat insects?

5. Julie Lesnik studied whether eating bugs is more common in poor or crowded countries. What did she find?

6. What did Lesnik find is the best predictor for whether people in a certain part of the world eat bugs?

7. Why might warmer climates be better for eating insects?

8. When Europeans in Columbus’ time explored the world, how did their disgust about eating bugs affect their view of other cultures?

9. What group of people is most open to trying bugs, according to Robert Nathan Allen?

10. What is “FOMO”? How could it help convince people to try bugs?

After Reading: 

1. Do you feel any differently about eating bugs after reading this article? Explain why or why not?

2. If you were making an advertisement to convince people to eat insects, what would you put in it?