Teacher’s questions for ‘Study drugs’ can be dangerous


Before reading:

        1.    Define cheating.

         2.    What are some of the dangers of misusing — or abusing — medicines?

During reading:

1.    What is a psychologist?

2.    What are some of the symptoms of ADHD?

3.    Is ADHD common among teens? Support your answer with evidence gleaned from the story.

4.    Explain the effect of stimulant medicines. How is that effect different in children?

5.    Why would children or their parents want a prescription for an ADHD drug, even if the drug were not medically necessary?

6.    What are some of the dangers associated with ADHD medications?

7.    How do amphetamines affect the body?

8.    What is a “crash?”

9.    Define “doping.”

After reading:

1.    Is the abuse of ADHD drugs cheating? Support your argument.

2.    How aware are parents of the misuse of ADHD medications by their children? Is that an issue? Explain why or why not.


1.    You have been asked to help work on a campaign to raise awareness among students of the dangers of abusing ADHD medications. Design a poster that highlights one or more of those risks.