Scientists Say: Meteorology

This is the study of Earth’s atmosphere and weather

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Weather forecasters on the news are usually meteorologists. These scientists study the Earth’s atmosphere and weather.

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Meteorology (noun, “MEE-tee-or-AWL-oh-gee”)

This word describes the study of the processes in the Earth’s atmosphere. This includes the study of the weather. That’s the conditions — temperature, wind, storms and more — at one place and time. People who work in this field are called meteorologists (MEE-tee-or-AWL-oh-gists). 

Some meteorologists observe or research the weather. They may use data to forecast the weather. These forecasts are based on factors such as air pressure, humidity and wind speed. Weather forecasters on the news are usually meteorologists. 

Some meteorologists study the atmosphere. They may research what causes certain types of weather. For example, some scientists found that tiny particles in the air help form bigger clouds

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The field of meteorology got a surprise in 2017, when a wacky winter brought snow to all 50 U.S. states.  

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