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  1. Earth

    Too hot? Some peaks offer climate migrants lots of land

    As mountain climates warm, species may actually gain ground as they migrate up to cooler sites, a new study finds.

  2. Microbes

    Life’s ultra-slow lane is deep beneath the sea

    Biologists had suspected the deep seafloor would be little more than barren sediment. But they found a surprising amount of oxygen — and life.

  3. Climate

    The worst drought in 1,000 years

    The 1934 drought, during a period in American history known as the Dust Bowl, was the worst in a millennium, a new study finds. While the drought had natural origins, human activities made it worse.

  4. Earth

    When life exploded

    Life exploded in diversity during the Cambrian Period. Experts are exploring what could account for this sudden change 540 million years ago.

  5. Earth

    The quake that shook up geology

    North America’s biggest earthquake struck 50 years ago. Here’s what science has learned about Earth since the 1964 Great Alaskan Earthquake.

  6. Tech

    Branching out for safer water

    Clean drinking water could be only a tree branch away, a new study finds.

  7. Animals

    We are stardust

    Everything making up Earth and what’s now living upon it — from trees and people to our pets and their fleas — owes their origins to the elements forged by ancient stars.

  8. Earth

    Towering mounds: Can gophers be to blame?

    Scientists may have unearthed the source of Mima mounds, mysterious bumpy landscapes found on every continent except Antarctica.

  9. Plants

    Gold can grow on trees

    Australian researchers found leafy nano-evidence pointing to rich deposits of the precious metal deep below ground.