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  1. Oceans

    Expedition finds South Pacific plastic patch bigger than India

    A giant, floating ‘garbage patch’ in the South Pacific off Chile’s coast is mostly tiny bits of plastic.

  2. Microbes

    Under Antarctic ice, microbes gobble up greenhouse gas

    In a lake far beneath the Antarctic ice sheet, scientists have found bacteria that eat methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

  3. Animals

    Giant Antarctic sea spiders breathe really strangely

    Sea spiders have many bizarre body systems. Scientists have now discovered that they breathe and circulate oxygen in a way never seen before.

  4. Oceans

    Cool Jobs: Science deep beneath the waves

    These scientists probe the sea’s depths, its strange inhabitants, the movement of water and how life evolves in extremes.

  5. Science & Society

    Cool Jobs: Reaching out to E.T. is a numbers game

    From figuring out if we’re alone in the universe, to writing messages to aliens, scientists use math in many ways in their search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

  6. Science & Society

    Should we call out to space aliens?

    Scientists have been listening to space for decades, hoping to pick up alien signals. Now some have proposed we try broadcasting a welcome call.

  7. Physics

    Cool Jobs: Solar sleuthing

    No star is closer than the sun, and yet there’s much science still don’t know about how it actually works. These scientists are helping solve the mysteries.

  8. Earth

    Cool Jobs: Getting to know volcanoes

    It’s too hot to explore the insides of a volcano. These scientists examine their lava, their low-frequency rumblings and their ‘vog’.

  9. Earth

    Cool Jobs: Mapping the unknown

    Scientists find different ways of exploring places humans will never visit — and drawing maps to help us better understand such mysterious places.

  10. Physics

    Scrubbing bubbles: Secret to ouch-free dental cleanings?

    People with sensitive teeth can find routine dental cleanings painful. But bubbles might pave way to no-touch — and pain-free — cleaning for these people.

  11. Space

    An alarm system for Earth crashers

    The ATLAS telescope could be a last-minute warning system for asteroids just days away from hitting Earth.

  12. Animals

    What a drag! Fishing gear’s effects on whales

    Many whales become entangled in the gear that fishing boats use to catch fish and shellfish. Such debris can have dire impacts on the big mammals.