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  1. Planets

    Cool Jobs: Exploring the solar system

    Meet three scientists who explore the solar system. Their jobs range from steering a spacecraft to chasing solar eclipses around the world.

  2. Animals

    Some fish wear an invisibility cloak

    Some fish can hide in open water. How? Tiny crystals in their scales and skin help them reflect and blend in with polarized light.

  3. Health & Medicine

    Nearsighted? Eye drops slow worsening vision

    Myopia — or nearsightedness — is a growing problem worldwide. Low doses of an ancient drug could slow its development, without side effects.

  4. Brain

    Parents’ math anxiety can ‘infect’ kids

    A study of first- and second- graders found that kids whose parents fear math learn less math at school ¬— but only when parents help with homework.

  5. Space

    Like Tatooine in ‘Star Wars,’ this planet has two suns

    Scientists have found the tenth planet with two suns. Such planets might be more common than single-sun planets, like our own, a new survey suggests.

  6. Physics

    Fade to black? The universe is in decline

    One of the largest sky surveys ever made has found that the universe is in decline. And after losing even more energy over the next 100 billion years, it will be dark, empty and boring.

  7. Animals

    Why you’ll never see a dirty gecko

    By knowing how a gecko’s skin works, could self-cleaning, water-repelling, antibacterial clothes be far behind?

  8. Space

    Galaxy cluster creates ‘magnifying glass’ in space

    A massive galaxy’s gravity is so strong that it bends light, creating a “lens” in space. This natural magnifying glass is giving astronomers a rare view of a supernova on the other side of the universe.

  9. Animals

    Orangutans take the low road

    Cameras spotted orangutans walking down logging roads to get around. That may be a good sign that they can adapt to changes in their woodsy environment.

  10. Physics

    Machine simulates the sun’s core

    A machine heats iron atoms to temperatures that match the interior of the sun. This has helped solve a solar mystery.

  11. Health & Medicine

    The secret of fast runners: symmetry

    Science had shown that animals and people with symmetrical bodies tend to be stronger and healthier. Now researchers find they can predict the best sprinters by measuring the top runners’ knees.