Kathiann Kowalski

Freelance Writer

Kathiann Kowalski loves talking with scientists and engineers about their work and why it matters. And she loves getting into the field — whether that’s at a lab, in a research forest, at a drilling site or on a research boat. She has written more than 700 articles, plus 25 books for young people. “There’s always something new happening — and something new to learn,” she says.


Kathi graduated from Hofstra University in New York and got her law degree from Harvard Law School in Massachusetts. She previously practiced environmental law with a large firm. Kathi enjoys hiking, sewing, reading and travel.

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  1. Environment

    Wildlife forensics turns to eDNA

    Environmental DNA, or eDNA, tells biologists what species have been around — even when they’re out of sight or have temporarily moved on.

  2. Genetics

    Taking attendance with eDNA

    Environmental DNA, or eDNA, tells biologists what species are in an area — even when they’re out of sight.

  3. Tech

    Light can control waves in heart tissue

    Researchers have used light to trigger and control electrical waves in the heart. The technique might one day provide new ways to treat heart disease.

  4. Animals

    Cool Jobs: Crazy about cows

    Scientists are studying cows from one end to the other, with the goal not only of making the animals healthier but also of helping the environment.

  5. Environment

    Mealworms chow down on plastic

    Gut bacteria in mealworms break down polystyrene. Feeding plastic to the worms, or the germs they carry, could be a way to get rid of these wastes.

  6. Tech

    New light on brain science

    A combination of physics, biology and engineering lets scientists use light to trigger actions by specific brain cells. Called optogenetics, this technology is shining new light on how the brain works.

  7. Psychology

    Friends’ good moods can be contagious

    Good mental health spreads through teen social networks, but depression doesn’t, a new study finds.

  8. Computing

    Radios: Build your own!

    Building AM radios let young researchers from across the globe tune into electronics and engineering.

  9. Brain

    To protect kids, get the lead out!

    Lead poisons hundreds of thousands of children. In Chicago, experts show how the toxic metal hurts test performance in school.

  10. Math

    Explainer: Correlation, causation, coincidence and more

    Don’t jump to conclusions from statistics unless you understand correlation, causation, coincidence and confounding factors.

  11. Tech

    Inspired minds: Role models come from across the globe

    Innovators come from everywhere, as shown by the role models cited by students taking part in the 2015 Broadcom MASTERS International program.

  12. Computing

    These young scientists are passionate about tech and math

    The 2015 Broadcom MASTERS International delegates show why math and computer skills are key to the success of science-fair projects.