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  1. Environment

    Studies report new risks to teens from secondhand smoke

    Teens exposed to secondhand smoke are more vulnerable to getting sick, one study finds. Another suggests that later, in adulthood, these individuals may be at risk for premature death from lung disease.

  2. Health & Medicine

    For teens, a good mood depends on good sleep

    Teens need eight to 10 hours of sleep at night to feel good and function well the next day, a new data show.

  3. Environment

    Vaping may stiffen the heart and blood vessels

    Exposure to e-cigarette vapors damages blood vessels in mice, suggesting that vaping could put people at risk for heart disease.

  4. Brain

    Mild brain injury can cause bead-like swellings in brain cells

    Mild head bumps cause temporary swellings — like beads in a necklace — within brain cells. If cells get enough time to heal, those “beads” will disappear.

  5. Brain

    Adolescents are brain-dense — and that’s good

    Gray matter is densely packed in adolescents, brain researchers now find. This may explain how developing adults cope with decreasing gray matter volume.

  6. Health & Medicine

    Adding ice to medics’ kits could help patients survive blood loss

    Placing an ice bag on the face should increase blood pressure — and oxygen to the brain — in people who have experienced life-threatening blood loss, a new study finds.