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  1. Earth

    Experiment: Can plants stop soil erosion?

    Soil erosion washes pollutants into streams and rivers — but plants may help limit that.

  2. Animals

    Experiment: Are we there yet? Test how migratory birds navigate

    In this experiment, use real data to figure out how migratory birds navigate from their breeding grounds to their wintering grounds.

  3. Physics

    Experiment: Where does a bouncing basketball’s energy go?

    Let’s explore whether energy loss to heat could explain why a basketball doesn’t bounce back to its original height.

  4. Physics

    Experiment: How well do different materials create static electricity?

    Why are some materials more susceptible to static cling than others? Investigate by making your own electroscope.

  5. Chemistry

    Experiment: Kimchi chemistry

    In this cooking and food science project, we make kimchi from scratch and investigate changes in pH and glucose as it ferments.

  6. Earth

    Take candy core samples with this science activity

    Act like a geologist as you drill ‘core samples’ from candy bars using a straw. Can you identify the type of candy bar just from a sample?

  7. Space

    Experiment: A puzzling parallax helps stargazers

    In this project, we explore how perspective, or parallax, can be used to measure the distances to objects such as stars.

  8. Chemistry

    Experiment: Test the effect of temperature on reaction time

    Alka-Seltzer tablets fizzle furiously when dropped into water. Can you make Alka-Seltzer fizz faster or more loudly by changing the water’s temperature?

  9. Chemistry

    Experiment: Keep your candy cool with the power of evaporation!

    In this science project, use the energy produced when water evaporates to cool down chocolate-covered candy so it doesn't melt.

  10. Genetics

    Experiment: Are fingerprint patterns inherited?

    Let’s investigate whether fingerprint patterns are created randomly or whether they are influenced by genetics.

  11. Archaeology

    Minding your mummies: The science of mummification

    In this science project, you will learn about the rituals and science of mummification by mummifying a hot dog.

  12. Physics

    Does the size of a parachute matter?

    How does a parachute work? Do bigger parachutes work better than smaller parachutes? Find out in this science project whether the size of the parachute matters.