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  1. Transgender researchers want to make an impact

    Transgender scientists and engineers face extra hurdles. But they are gaining support. And trans researchers are finding peers through meetings and social media.

  2. Animals

    When parenting goes cuckoo

    Brood parasites are animals that trick another species into raising their young. This is known among birds, fish and insects.

  3. Microbes

    Amoebas are crafty, shape-shifting engineers

    It’s easy to overlook amoebas — but we shouldn’t. These one-celled wonders can build their own shells, punch holes in prey and even farm bacteria.

  4. Life

    The mixed-up world of hybrid animals

    When animals from related species mate, they may produce hybrid offspring. These animals can display a jumble of traits, such as colors, shapes or behaviors.

  5. Science & Society

    Science on a shoestring

    Scientists in lower-income countries encounter hurdles such as small budgets, lack of equipment and long wait times for supplies.

  6. Ecosystems

    As trees come down, some hidden homes are disappearing

    Animals such as frogs, toucans and possums live in tree hollows. But as people have cut down trees, a wildlife housing shortage has developed in some places.

  7. Science & Society

    Calling scientists of all colors

    More black, Hispanic and Native American scientists and engineers are needed to tackle important problems such as climate change and disease.

  8. Animals

    The shocking electric eel!

    Electric eels are fascinating animals. Their powerful zaps can act like a radar system, trick fish into revealing their location and then freeze their prey’s movements.

  9. Microbes

    The bugs within us

    Hordes of bacteria live inside people and other animals. This ‘microbiome’ can affect the development of the blood-brain barrier, food choices — even mating.

  10. Health & Medicine

    Secrets of slime

    Mucus—snot—can be so gross. It’s also critical for many animals, including hagfish, snails and people. Snot can rid our bodies of nasty bacteria and viruses. In other creatures, it can smooth the road or rough up predators.

  11. Animals

    Ants on guard

    Tiny insects can take on big critters — from fly larvae to giraffes — in defense of their home, sweet home. And that home pays them back for this help.

  12. Animals

    True vampires

    Forget Count Dracula or Twilight’s Edward and Bella. Many creatures have a true thirst for blood, and here’s why.