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  1. Animals

    Cool Jobs: Studying what you love

  2. Earth

    Venting volcanoes

  3. Health & Medicine

    Paralyzed rats walk again

  4. Animals

    Jelly babies

  5. Animals

    Caecilians: The other amphibian

  6. Microbes

    Stony bacteria

  7. Tech

    Cool Jobs: Wide world of robots

  8. Chemistry

    DNA, RNA…and XNA?

  9. Genetics

    Sniffing out truffle scent

  10. Plants

    Ancient flower blooms again

    Scientists have found the fruit of an ancient plant that had been frozen underground in Siberia — a region covering central and eastern Russia — for about 31,800 years. Using pieces of the fruit, the scientists grew plants in a lab. The new blooms have delicate white petals. They are also the oldest flowering plants that researchers have ever revived from a deep freeze.

  11. Agriculture

    Weed wars

  12. Animals

    Secrets of the world’s extreme divers