Sid Perkins

Freelance Writer

Sid is a freelance science journalist. He lives in Crossville, Tenn., with his wife, two dogs and three cats. He specializes in earth sciences and paleontology but often tackles topics such as astronomy, planetary science, materials science and engineering. 


In 2009, Sid won the Award for Distinguished Science Journalism in the Atmospheric and Related Sciences from the American Meteorological Society. And in 2002, he shared the American Astronomical Society’s Solar Physics Division’s Award for Popular Writing on Solar Physics. Sid’s writing also appears in Science, Nature, Scientific American, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and Science News.

All Stories by Sid Perkins

  1. Phoning in heartbeats

    New device uses a smartphone to collect and email data on heart rhythms.

  2. Young scientists, inventors and mathematicians score big

    Cancer sensor, a better way to search tweets, and quantum teleportation are among research highlights at a global high-school-science competition.

  3. Nanosilver, away!

    Technique uses microorganisms to scour tiny pollutants from waste water.

  4. Chillin’ in the desert

    Simple, inexpensive and eco-friendly fridge keeps fruits and veggies fresh for days.

  5. Granola bars for cows

    Nutrient-rich “energy squares” boost milk production, help prevent disease.

  6. Helmet helper

    Gel-filled liner absorbs energy of impacts, may reduce sports-related head injuries.

  7. Earth

    Eastern quakes can trigger big shakes

    Scientists study the widespread impacts of tremors east of the Rockies.

  8. Fossils

    South America’s sticky tar pits

    The fossil-rich tar pits of Venezuela may rival those in Southern California.

  9. Tech

    Rocking the House

    Researchers shake a full-size house to find out what happens to a wooden building during an earthquake.

  10. Fossils

    Dinosaur dig

    Researchers uncover the fossil bones of a new species of long-necked, plant-eating dinosaur.