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  1. Materials Science

    High-tech crops may survive harsh conditions, even space

    Scientists have developed a non-invasive method for integrating metal-organic frameworks into plant tissue. This lays the foundation for resilient crops that can weather harsh conditions.

  2. Materials Science

    A self-cleaning glass keeps itself spotless underwater

    Microscopic pancake-like structures keep dirt and oil from sticking to the surface of this self-cleaning glass.

  3. Tech

    This robotic jellyfish is a climate spy

    Scientists have developed a robotic jellyfish to collect data about the ocean. It’s small and nimble, and gentle on marine ecosystems.

  4. Materials Science

    Adhesive from trees could make tape more eco-friendly

    The stuff that makes your tape sticky comes from fossil fuels. Now scientists have used tree wastes to engineer a “greener” tape adhesive — one kinder to the environment.

  5. Tech

    Electronic noses might replace search-and-rescue dogs

    A new type of sensor can sniff out scents that people emit. That might one day help rescuers find people buried under collapsed buildings.

  6. Materials Science

    New black hair dye uses no harsh chemicals

    Scientists have developed a new black-carbon-based hair dye. Instead of using damaging chemicals to dye hair, flexible flakes of carbon coat each strand.

  7. Materials Science

    Zap! Laser tattoos could create electronics to eat or wear

    Lasers can tattoo a nontoxic form of carbon onto everyday items. This one day could lead to wearable — even edible — electronics.

  8. Chemistry

    Moisture unmasks camouflaged message

    Researchers have developed a new type of chemical that will mask some hidden message — until you add water.

  9. Chemistry

    Chemists look to mine silver from laundry wastewater

    Recovering silver from wastewater could prevent the metal from ending up in lakes, rivers and the ocean, where it could poison wildlife.