Questions for ‘Cool Jobs: Soaking in sweat’


Sweating isn’t embarrassing, it’s a talent. It’s how the body cools itself. And humans are very, very good at it.

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Before Reading:

1.  What can happen if you get too hot? Name three things that can help you cool off on a hot day.

2.  Why is it a bad thing if you can’t sweat?

During Reading:

1.  Why does Yana Kamberov smile when she sees her twins begin to sweat?

2.  What are the three types of glands found on human skin, and what do they do?

3.  How does sweat help to limit overheating?

4.  What are two key mammal traits?

5.  How did Kamberov get samples of monkey and chimpanzee skin?

6.  Why is sweat a good substance to monitor when looking for signs of disease?

7.  How does Wei Gao get people he is studying to produce sweat?

8.  What is the substance that leaves behind the fingerprint on the screen of someone’s phone?

9.  How does David Russell’s device for detecting drug metabolites work?

10.  What are the four kinds of drugs that Russell’s device can detect?

After Reading

1.  Pick a mammal that does not sweat (two are mentioned in the story). How does that animal deal with overheating?

2.  Scientists in this article look in people’s sweat for signs of disease or drug use. What other kinds of information might be hidden in someone’s sweat? (Hint: Sweat contains many of the same things as blood.)