Questions for ‘Soggy coastal soils? Here’s why ecologists love them’

a photo of a coastal wetland

Coastal wetlands like this one in South Carolina are not only beautiful — they’re also functional. They can help counter some of the impacts of climate change and intense storms.

KeithBriley/iStock/Getty Images Plus

To accompany Soggy coastal soils? Here’s why ecologists love them


Before Reading:

1.  What are coastal wetlands? Why are they important?

2.  What kinds of things pose a threat to coastal wetlands?

During Reading:

1.  What is a storm surge?

2.  Name three ways coastal wetlands help minimize storm surge damage.

3.  What is a wetland?

4.  What two kinds of vegetation grow in coastal wetlands? Explain how each one is essential to that type of ecosystem.

5.  How do marsh and mangroves help prevent storm damage? Is one better than the other? Why or why not?

6.  Coastal wetlands around the world have been shrinking in the last century. Name three things that cause problems with how wetlands interact with their surroundings.

7.  Researchers have found that rising sea levels can play a role in fighting climate change. How?

8.  What is the key to success in restoring damaged coastal wetlands?

9.  Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge is the site of a massive restoration project. Name three things researchers did to help restore coastal wetlands there. 

10. What are some signs that the Prime Hook restoration efforts have worked?

After Reading:

1.  How are coastal wetlands important to human life?

2.  What kinds of human activities that threaten coastal wetlands could be changed or stopped?