Aaron Tremper

Editorial Assistant at Science News Explores

Aaron Tremper is the editorial assistant for Science News Explores. He has a B.A. in English (with minors in creative writing and film production) from SUNY New Paltz and an M.A. in Journalism from the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism’s Science and Health Reporting program. A former intern at Audubon magazine and Atlanta’s NPR station, WABE 90.1 FM, he has reported a wide range of science stories for radio, print, and digital media. His favorite reporting adventure? Tagging along with researchers studying bottlenose dolphins off of New York City and Long Island, NY.

All Stories by Aaron Tremper

  1. Fossils

    This paleontologist studies ancient mammal movement — virtually

    Anne Kort uses computers to piece together the fossils of ancient mammals. Studying fossils virtually offers her more ways to study fragile remains.

  2. Tech

    This computer scientist is making virtual reality safer

    Niall Williams creates algorithms that lowers the odds of motion sickness and bumping into obstacles while using virtual reality headsets.

  3. Animals

    Dancing spiders inspired this biologist to teach others

    Inspired by his research in animal communication, Echeverri began exploring ways to teach others about science while finishing his Ph.D. Today, he shares his passion for spiders as a science communicator.

  4. Tech

    Scientists Say: Digital Footprint

    Your digital footprint contains both what you post online — and information about your online activity collected by others.

  5. Tech

    Could we build a mecha?

    In the movies, mechas come equipped with all kinds of abilities. But real giant robots would first have to master simpler actions, like walking and jumping.

  6. Plants

    This urban gardener is mimicking nature to create healthier plants

    Urban garden specialist Kwesi Joseph is experimenting with rock dust and plants. He also helps New York City community and school gardens with gardening problems.

  7. Space

    This space physicist uses radios to study eclipses

    Nathaniel Frissell uses radio data to study how eclipses affect a layer of the atmosphere called the ionosphere.

  8. Math

    This civil engineer turns to math to make energy more affordable 

    Destenie Nock uses computer algorithms to help identify households struggling to afford utilities.

  9. Animals

    Pikmin’s plant-animal mashups don’t exist — but sun-powered animals do

    Corals team up with photosynthetic zooxanthellae. Some sea slugs steal chloroplasts. How might animals and plants team up in Nintendo’s Pikmin games?

  10. Space

    Black holes and activism inspire this astrophysicist

    Mallory Molina is looking for supermassive black holes — and helping others find their place in the field of astronomy.

  11. Environment

    This ecologist is looking at the Amazon’s past to save its future

    Carolina Levis researches how local communities influence the Amazon. She’s interested in how Indigenous knowledge can help protect the rainforest.

  12. Tech

    Meet robots on a mission to help birds

    A new generation of bird-like robots is helping people better understand and protect the wild animals that inspired them.