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  1. Fossils

    Cool Jobs: Bringing paleontology to the people

    From museums to movies, these three paleontologists totally rock their connections with the public.

  2. Earth

    Explainer: The age of dinosaurs

    Take a trip back to the Mesozoic Era to explore how geologic events, ecosystems and evolution were connected during the so-called age of dinosaurs.

  3. Earth

    Here’s how ice needles can sculpt natural rock art

    Striking stone patterns adorn remote cold landscapes the world over. The recipe for these adornments: Freeze, thaw, repeat.

  4. Earth

    Explainer: Our atmosphere — layer by layer

    Earth’s five layers extend from the ground up and into outer space. Each has its own distinct features and serves as the site of different activities and phenomena.

  5. Earth

    On an Alaskan glacier, little green moss balls roll in herds

    Oval balls of moss, nicknamed ‘glacier mice,’ roll across some glaciers. A new study explores the mysteries behind their herd-like motion.

  6. Earth

    Explainer: Earth — layer by layer

    Explore the sizzling heat, unimaginable pressures — and some surprise diamonds — that sit beneath our feet. This is the side of Earth that you can’t see.

  7. Earth

    Reliving the last day of the dinosaurs

    The Chicxulub crater is helping reveal what happened on the day a 12-kilometer-wide asteroid slammed into the Gulf of Mexico, 66 million years ago.

  8. Earth

    Explainer: Understanding geologic time

    Geologic time is unimaginably long. Geologists puzzle it out using a calendar called the Geologic Time Scale.

  9. Animals

    Is ocean acidification knocking the scents out of salmon?

    In more acidic water, salmon don’t seem to recognize the smell of danger. Will their populations take a nosedive as carbon-dioxide levels rise?

  10. Climate

    A wave of change is coming to our planet’s water resources

    How will climate change affect you most? Check your kitchen sink.

  11. Climate

    Explainer: Earth’s water is all connected in one vast cycle

    Water on Earth is connected in an endless loop called the water cycle.

  12. Earth

    Hot on the trail of Antarctic meteorites

    For intrepid scientists, spotting meteorites against Antarctica’s dazzling whiteness is easy. Then what?