Technically Fiction

Finding facts in the fantastic

  1. Microbes

    Bacteria and bugs will save us from the zombie apocalypse

    Don’t fear the undead. Here’s how the body’s cells, microbes and insects will eat a zombie before it ever goes looking for brains.

  2. Physics

    Doctor Who’s TARDIS is bigger on the inside — but how?

    The TARDIS looks like a old police box on the outside. But on the inside, it’s got plenty of space. How does that work? It just takes a wormhole and a tesseract or two.

  3. Tech

    Star Wars‘ cutest droids would get stuck on the beach

    On screen, R2D2 and BB-8 travel over every type of terrain. But in real life, any sandy path would stop these droids short.

  4. Animals

    Nature shows how dragons might breathe fire

    Fire-breathing dragons can’t live anywhere outside of a book or TV. But nature provides some guidance as to how they might get their flames. If they existed, anyway.