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Recommended Web sites:

You can learn more about the Ansari X Prize at Prize).

Find out more about SpaceShipOne at (Scaled Composites).

The Space Transport Corporation has a Web site at Transport Corporation).

Starchaser Industries has a Web site at (Starchaser Industries).

The da Vinci Project has a Web site at Vinci Project).

Interorbital Systems has a Web site at (Interorbital Systems).

For information on human space flight, go to and

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Sohn, Emily. 2004. Destination Mars. Science News for Kids (March 17). Available at

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Living in Space


Books recommended by SearchIt!Science:

The Space Race— Nathan Aaseng

Published by Lucent Books, 2002.

For centuries, people have looked up in the sky and dreamed about traveling to space. By the beginning of the 1900s, the first rockets were launched. Examine some of the early modern-day successful experiments conducted by Germans during the early twentieth century. After World War II, the United States had help from German scientists to continue their research. The United States and the former Soviet Union entered into a competition to see who could make the most advances in missiles, satellites, and the ultimate goal—manned space flight.

I Want to Be an Astronaut— Stephanie Maze

Published by Harcourt, 1997.

Do you dream about traveling in space or going to other planets? Do you wonder what the earth looks like from outer space? Find out what it’s like to live in space and to train for the journey. See some of the experiments astronauts perform in space. Learn about the education and training needed, including special space programs for kids.

Space Explorers— Gregory L. Vogt

Published by Franklin Watts/Scholastic, 1990.

Imagine traveling into outer space aboard a coach pulled by six red horses. How about heading toward the heavens on the back of a goose? Before people even knew that there were other continents on Earth, they dreamed of traveling into outer space by any means possible. It wasn’t until1957, when Sputnik, the first satellite, was launched that these dreams approached reality. In color photographs, this book describes the history of space exploration, from the legends and stories told in early times to the ground-breaking Apollo flight that landed humans on the moon and the expeditions to other planets by space probes like the Voyagers and Pioneer. The future of space travel, including the possibility of establishing colonies in outer space, is discussed too.

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Power Words

orbit 1. The path of an object as it circles around another object in outer space. The Earth makes an orbit around the Sun. 2. The path of an electron around the nucleus of an atom. 3. To move in a path around another object. Satellites orbit the Earth. Electrons orbit the nucleus of an atom.

space 1. The three dimensions of length, width, and depth, in which objects exist. 2. The entire area in which Earth, the Solar System, and all the stars and galaxies exist; the universe. 3. The part of the universe that is outside the Earth’s atmosphere; outer space.

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