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Logs from Paul Sereno’s expeditions and other information are available at the Project Exploration Web site: Project Exploration is an educational organization that works to get people, especially girls and minorities, excited about archaeology and paleontology.

News about the discovery and excavation of a Stone Age cemetery in Niger can be found at (National Geographic).

An article about Northern Illinois University student Shureice Kornegay, who took part in the 2005 expedition to Niger, is available at (Chicago Sun-Times).

You can learn more about Niger at (Central Intelligence Agency) and

Travel photos of Niger by Galen R. Frysinger can be found at Frysinger).

Books recommended by SearchIt!Science:

The Sahara and Its People— Simon Scoones

Published by Thomson Learning, 1993.

Africa’s Sahara Desert is 3,000 miles wide—as broad as the United States. Eleven countries lie partly or completely within the Sahara’s boundaries. Even though the desert is large, there is little life there. Conditions are so harsh that people live only along its southern edge, in an area called the Sahel. With color photographs and drawings, this book invites you to explore life in this barren land, where temperatures rise to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and plummet to freezing at night. Observe the animals and plants that have adapted to survive in the desert. A look at the mineral treasures beneath its sands, the impact of farming and overgrazing, and political conditions in the area are also part of the portrait of this vast, stark land.

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Holocene Epoch The period of time during the history of the Earth starting about 10,000 years ago and going all the way up to today. During the Holocene Epoch, human civilizations developed. The Holocene Epoch is also called the Recent.

jasper A reddish, brown, or yellow variety of opaque quartz.

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