Carolyn Gramling

Earth & Climate Writer, Science News

Carolyn is the Earth & Climate writer at Science News. Previously she worked at Science magazine for six years, both as a reporter covering paleontology and polar science and as the editor of the news in brief section. Before that she was a reporter and editor at EARTH magazine. She has bachelor’s degrees in Geology and European History and a Ph.D. in marine geochemistry from MIT and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. She’s also a former Science News intern.

All Stories by Carolyn Gramling

  1. Humans

    A Long Trek to Asia

    An ancient skeleton from a Chinese cave shows how far humans walked when they left Africa.

  2. Planets

    A Darker, Warmer Red Planet

    Mars, like Earth, may be experiencing climate change.

  3. Animals

    Crocodile hearts

    A crocodile's special heart may help it digest large, bony meals.

  4. Tech

    Invisibility Ring

    Scientists have invented a ring-shaped device that's invisible to microwaves.

  5. Animals

    Mating slows down prairie dogs

    Mating season turns distracted male prairie dogs into easy pickings for predators.

  6. Earth

    The Pacific Ocean’s bald spot

    A large swath of seafloor at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean lacks sediment.

  7. Space

    Dwarf planet discord

    A dwarf planet at the fringes of the solar system finally gets an official name.

  8. Chemistry

    Sticky Silky Feet

    The feet of zebra tarantulas can produce silk threads that may help them get a firmer grip.

  9. Plants

    Stalking Plants by Scent

    A vine that feeds on other plants finds its victims by their smell.

  10. Brain

    Storing Memories before Bedtime

    The brain begins processing lessons learned during the day long before bedtime.

  11. Earth

    Coral islands survive a tsunami

    Tiny islands far out in the ocean can weather the giant waves of a tsunami.

  12. Humans

    A Volcano’s Deadly Ash

    The discovery of long-buried skeletons and footprints suggests that a volcano could destroy Naples, Italy.