Luis Melecio-Zambrano

Science Writing Intern, Summer 2023

Luis Melecio-Zambrano is the summer 2023 science writing intern at Science News. They are finishing their master’s degree in science communication from the University of California, Santa Cruz, where they have reported on issues of environmental justice and agriculture. Their work has appeared in Science, Mongabay, Eos and the Mercury News, among other publications.

All Stories by Luis Melecio-Zambrano

  1. Chemistry

    Scientists turn plastic wastes into soap

    Chemists developed a way to turn plastic waste into surfactants. Those chemicals could one day become key recruits in a greener war on grime.

  2. Tech

    AI can now turn blurry thermal vision into crisp images

    Even when it’s pitch black, the new imaging system can create clear images while also accurately gauging distances to objects.

  3. Animals

    This bird nest becomes a ‘fortress’ using antibird spikes

    The spikes were meant to keep birds away. But five nests found in Europe may use the bird deterrents for structure and to scare off predators.