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  1. Computing

    These young researchers take aim at sports

    Three Broadcom MASTERS finalists invented sports-related devices. They illustrate that young inventors can find inspiration anywhere, even at work and play.

  2. Computing

    New apps match donated items with people in need

    Two 2018 Broadcom MASTERS finalists developed apps to help match donors’ aid of food or disaster relief with the people who need these.

  3. Tech

    Prepping for drone exploration of Mars

    Twelve-year-old James Fagan, a budding engineer from Riverside, Calif., has built a wind tunnel. He uses it to test scale models of drones and other vehicles under Mars-like conditions.

  4. Tech

    Solar panels and more garner big prizes for middle-school researchers

    A motorized system for solar panels garnered Georgia Hutchinson, 13, of Woodside, Calif., the top $25,000 prize at the Broadcom MASTERS teen science competition.

  5. New movies give an inside look at the ‘Olympics’ of science fairs

    These two documentaries take you behind the poster boards of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

  6. Health & Medicine

    Many women take unnecessary risks with sky-high heels

    A teen’s study confirms that women wearing high heels are more likely to fall than when wearing flats. She also found — surprise — that men tend to prefer women in flats.

  7. Agriculture

    Barnyard science: Check out this fowl research

    New research shows how to store eggs, insulate homes with chicken feathers and slow fires with shells.

  8. Health & Medicine

    Catching sports cheaters with a doping detector

    Doping athletes often don’t get caught until after the competition is over. These two teens decided to come up with a faster test.

  9. Ecosystems

    A robotic fish could help mangroves grow

    Reforested mangroves don’t always grow well. To figure out why, two teens built a robotic mudskipper to measure the mud.

  10. Brain

    Not all social media sites are equally likely to provoke anxiety

    Most teens are on social media. Could these sites cause anxiety? A teen checks it out — and finds big differences.

  11. Chemistry

    Bioplastics could put some shrimp in your Barbie

    Teen researchers are looking to natural materials like shrimp shells and banana peels to make plastics ecofriendly and biodegradable.

  12. Science & Society

    Science may help keep a ballerina on her toes

    Ballerinas can go through a pair of shoes every performance. To make her shoes last a little longer, one teen reinforced them with carbon fibers.