Questions for “Many student athletes face risk of concussions that heal slowly”

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For reasons that are not yet entirely clear, recovery from concussions appears to take longer in girls than boys.

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To accompany “Many student athletes face risk of concussions that heal slowly


Before Reading:

1. What is a concussion? What causes a concussion?

2. Does someone have to lose consciousness in order to have concussion?

During Reading:

1. How long, on average, does it take a high-school athlete to recover from a concussion?

2.  Which sport do studies say is most responsible for student-athlete concussions? Name at least three other sports that also are associated with student concussions.

3.  What percentage of high-school athletes between the ages of 14 and 18 have previously suffered a concussion?

4.  According to the story, why might girls take longer to recover from a concussion than boys? 

5.  What are the signs that someone has suffered a concussion?

6.  What types of tests do doctors generally perform when evaluating whether a concussed athlete is ready to play again?

After Reading:

1.  What steps can schools take to reduce the number of concussions on the playing field or court? Explain your answer.  

2.  Do you think certain high-school sports should be banned because of the problems associated with concussions? Why or why not?