Questions for “Some electric eels coordinate their attacks to zap prey”

Volta's electric eel

A single Volta’s electric eel (pictured) can discharge up to 860 volts of electricity. That’s more than any other known animal.

L. Sousa

To accompany “Some electric eels coordinate their attacks to zap prey


Before Reading:

1.  What are electric eels and in what part of the world are they found?

2.  How powerful a zap can one of these animals deliver? 

During Reading:

1.  What type of animals are electric eels?

2.  Where do Volta’s electric eels live?

3.  What was Douglas Bastos’ big discovery regarding these eels?

4.  How many prey can these electric eels herd? 

5.  In how many places have this new feeding tactic been seen?   

6.  What research strategy does Carlos David de Santana and his colleagues hope to use to learn more about these fish? 

After Reading:

1.  Do you think electric eels are a pest or a valued species? What would be the difference? Explain your reasoning.