Earth and Human Activity

  1. Fossils

    Downsized dinosaurs

    Island living may have led to miniature versions of giant dinosaurs.

  2. Tech

    Cold house, hot house, green house

    Saving energy at home requires paying attention to the building's windows, walls, and roof.

  3. Climate

    A dire shortage of water

    Parts of the southwestern United States are in the middle of the worst drought in at least 500 years.

  4. Environment

    A newspaper’s hidden cost

    Getting a newspaper electronically would be much better for the planet than receiving the paper version.

  5. Earth

    Distant quake changes geyser eruptions

    An Alaskan earthquake changed the timing of geysers thousands of miles away.

  6. Environment

    Alien invasions

    Around the world, plants, animals, fungi, and other life forms are ending up in places where they don't belong.

  7. Environment

    An ocean view’s downside

    Population growth in coastal areas could threaten shoreline ecosystems.

  8. Tech

    Drawing energy out of wastewater

    Microbes in a fuel cell can generate electricity from plant and animal waste in water.

  9. Environment

    A vulture’s hidden enemy

    Vultures may be getting a deadly dose of medicine from the carcasses they feed upon.

  10. Plants

    City trees beat country trees

    Cottonwood trees grow better in New York City than in rural places around the state.

  11. Humans

    Digging for ancient DNA

    Soil has yielded identifiable DNA of animals and plants that lived up to 400,000 years ago.

  12. Environment

    Cliff snails and rock climbers

    Rock climbers can accidentally wipe out communities of cliff snails.