1. Animals

    Helping to save elephants

    Preserving an enormous creature like the Asian elephant can be very challenging.

  2. Animals

    Farming on a snail’s scale

    Some snails plow leaves and add fertilizer to grow a fungus for dinner.

  3. Animals

    Poisonous Spiders as Reluctant Hunters

    The brown recluse spider prefers scavenging dead food to hunting live prey.

  4. Animals

    Walks on the wild side

    Animals that roam widely in the wild do more poorly in zoos than those with smaller ranges.

  5. Animals

    Figuring out what makes dogs tick

    Biologists have deciphered a poodle's DNA to learn about the genes that decide what dogs are like.

  6. Animals

    No fair: Monkey sees, doesn’t

    Some monkeys may have a sense of what's fair and what's not.

  7. Animals

    Frog chemist creates a deadlier poison

    A poisonous frog takes up a toxin from its food and makes the chemical even more potent.

  8. Animals

    Delivering a little snake venom

    Poisonous snakes may control the amount of venom that they inject.

  9. Genetics

    Baby swaps, crime scenes, and DNA testing

    By looking at animal DNA, investigators are solving crimes and conservationists are helping save endangered species.

  10. Animals

    Like mother, like daughter

    Scientists have for the first time created a horse by cloning.

  11. Animals

    City birds hit the high notes

    Some songbirds battle traffic noise by singing at a higher pitch.

  12. Animals

    Navigating by the light of the moon

    A dung beetle is the first animal found to navigate by detecting a property of moonlight.