1. Climate

    The best defense is a good snow fence

    Science fair superstar Erica David shows how fences that trap snow can help the environment.

  2. Climate

    Catching some rays

    In a world with increasing energy needs, scientists are turning to plants for help in using solar power.

  3. Climate

    A stormy history

    The number of severe hurricanes in recent years may be normal, it turns out.

  4. Environment

    Where have all the bees gone?

    More than one-fourth of the honeybees in the United States have disappeared since last fall, and scientists are trying to figure out why.

  5. Climate

    Earth’s poles in peril

    Scientists are paying increased attention to changes in Earth's polar regions, which are in danger because of global warming.

  6. Animals

    Life on the Down Low

    The first scientific survey of organisms in the deep waters off Antarctica has discovered lots of life.

  7. Environment

    Food web woes

    If sharks disappeared from the oceans, rays might thrive, but shellfish would probably suffer.

  8. Environment

    Hazy with a chance of sunshine

    Air pollution may reduce rainfall.

  9. Earth

    Petrified lightning

    Sand turned into glass by a lightning strike can provide clues about ancient climates.

  10. Environment

    Life under ice

    Researchers unexpectedly find a community of sea creatures in the ocean beneath an ice shelf.

  11. Environment

    Shrimpy invaders

    A shrimplike creature that has invaded the Great Lakes could spell big trouble for young fish.

  12. Environment

    Earth-friendly fabrics

    Shirts made from bamboo, socks made from corn, and jackets made from chicken feathers may be in your fashion future.