From the Editor

  1. Climate

    Revisit 2017’s most important stories

    The year was full of major scientific events and discoveries, from the finding of a new continent to a solar eclipse witnessed by millions.

  2. Here’s the science you loved most this year

    From dinosaur deaths to screen time, here’s the science stories you were reading this year.

  3. The most popular stories of 2016

    Our readers really like the disgusting side of things! From zombies to rot to cockroach milk, here’s what you were reading in 2016.

  4. Earth

    Editors’ top picks for 2016

    From gravity waves to climate’s human impact and an exploration of post-election racism, we’ve covered the year’s major stories. Here what was most important.

  5. Science News for Students: Enjoy more than our new look

    This same great journalism now comes bundled with more features designed to aid classroom use. Everything you liked about the old Science News for Students site is still there.

  6. Goodbye SNK, hello Science News for Students

    Science News for Kids gets a new name, a new look and more resources that mesh with the curricula and needs of today’s classrooms.