1. Environment

    Springing forward

    Climate change affects the timing of flowering, migration and other natural cycles, meaning spring is coming earlier in many parts of the world.

  2. Environment

    Getting the dirt on carbon

    The circle of life continues thanks to the carbon cycle.

  3. Environment

    Mood-boosting drugs make unhappy fish

    Drugs called antidepressants find their way into lakes and streams, affecting the behavior of fish living there in unexpected ways.

  4. Environment

    Our plastic world

    Some products contain chemicals that can pose a serious health risk.

  5. Environment

    Polar ice feels the heat

    This is the first of a two-part series on global climate change.

  6. Environment

    Fear Matters

    Halloween can scare kids and make them act strange. But animals and ecosystems respond to fear every day of the year.

  7. Environment

    Acid snails

    Changing chemistry in the world's oceans could affect the ability of a snail to defend itself.

  8. Environment

    Lessons from a lonely tortoise

    In the Galapagos Islands, scientists are struggling to save some of the most endangered creatures in the world.

  9. Environment

    Where have all the bees gone?

    More than one-fourth of the honeybees in the United States have disappeared since last fall, and scientists are trying to figure out why.

  10. Environment

    Food web woes

    If sharks disappeared from the oceans, rays might thrive, but shellfish would probably suffer.

  11. Environment

    Hazy with a chance of sunshine

    Air pollution may reduce rainfall.

  12. Environment

    Life under ice

    Researchers unexpectedly find a community of sea creatures in the ocean beneath an ice shelf.