1. Genetics

    Ancient DNA sparks new mystery

    DNA from a 400,000-year-old leg bone found in Spain is by far the oldest recovered from pre-human ancestors. It also shows an unexpected link to later, Asian ‘kin.’

  2. Animals

    Fancy feather gene

    A tweak in a single pigeon gene causes a distinct feather formation.

  3. Computing

    Genetic memory

    DNA is a chemical blueprint that effectively instructs cells on how to work.

  4. Health & Medicine

    The rest of your DNA

    Surprise: Scientists find most of human DNA molecule carries out important functions.

  5. Genetics

    DNA hints at ancient cousins

    Scientists find evidence of an extinct humanlike species within modern-day Africans.

  6. Genetics

    Twins don’t share everything

    Twins carry different flags on their DNA, even from birth.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Tomatoes’ tasteless green gene

    The tomatoes your great-grandparents ate probably tasted little like the ones you eat today. The fruit used to have more flavor. A lot more flavor. In fact, tomatoes “were once so flavorful that you could take one in your hand and eat it straight away just like we regularly eat apples or peaches,” according to plant scientist Alan Bennett. He belongs to a team of international scientists who now think they know one reason why the fruit has lost so much flavor. Although some unripe tomatoes have a dark green patch near the stem, farmers prefer that their unripe tomatoes are the same shade of green all over. The consistent coloring makes it easier for them to know when the fruit should be picked.

  8. Computing

    DNA takes notes

    Engineers develop a computer memory system based on living cells.

  9. Chemistry

    DNA, RNA…and XNA?

    Scientists create artificial genetic molecules that can carry information, evolve.

  10. Genetics

    Sniffing out truffle scent

    Genetics, not geography, plays key role in the aroma of the delicacy.

  11. Animals

    Costs of missing sleep

    Some fruit flies do fine without sleep, as long as they’ve got enough to eat.

  12. Genetics

    Genes tell old story

    Ancient cells hold evidence of a massive die-off of Native Americans.